Friday, June 3, 2011

Paperdoll by Natalie Lloyd

The book Paperdoll by Natalie Lloyd is an amazing book for digging deeper with Christ. Have you ever gone to the mall and see the posters everywhere that scream, "If you get these pants, or that dress, you'll get this guy!"? Or maybe you sit down to watch Tv and all you can see is the really hot models that are trying to sell weight loss pills. Everywhere around us the world is trying to suck us in and cause us to be like them. We want the best clothing brands or the neatest hair style. Sometimes we want the guy. We think that if this guy falls in love with us, life will be perfect. In reality, we all want Jesus.

Personally, this book has really allowed me to grow in my walk with Christ. Natalie writes in such a way that is really easy to relate to and is a lot of fun. The way the book is written, it is easy to imagine sitting there with Natalie in a coffee shop and talking like good friends. There were many times while reading this book, that I would start a chapter and watch as God stopped me. It was as if God was letting me know that I was not quite ready to read that chapter yet. In so many ways this book brought me closer to Christ, cause me to see where my real beauty lies, genuinely love other people, and see what happens when an ordinary girl meets an extraordinary God.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend this book to every teenage girl out there. It will stretch you, grow you, and cause you to get closer to God. But most of all it will teach you so much. You will maybe cry, laugh and sing for joy as you read through the beautiful pages of this book. But one thing I can assure you of, you will learn where your true beauty lies. Have fun reading!

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