Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Are Not Your Own: Living Loud for God by Jason Perry of Plus One

The book "You Are Not Your Own: Living Loud for God" is a really awesome book for teenagers to read. The book was written back in 2002 by Jason Perry. At the time he wrote it, he was in a popular Christian boy band called Plus One. You might be sitting here thinking, "Okay... so this book is out dated. Why would I want to read it?" Good question. And I have a good answer for you. :)

 When you first pick up the book, I'll admit, it really does look a little outdated. By quite a few years actually. But the messages that are inside this book actually go way beyond how many years are in between then and now. Have you ever felt like your spiritual life was dull and boring? Or maybe you just feel like the Christian who goes to church on Sundays and acts like everything is fine and you have an amazing relationship with God, only to be partying on the weekends. (Although I doubt any of you do, its an example.) If any of those things explain you, then you need to read this book. But even if those few examples don't strike you, you need to read the book anyway. Why? Because this book will change your life. In short, this book gives you an awesome guideline on how to give your spiritual walk a nice re-charge! When you finish reading this book you will feel excited and ready to go spread the word of Christ to other Christians. There is a place to contact Jason in the back of the book, but because Plus One is no longer together, the site is down and I would assume the email is as well. But if you read this book and want to share with me how this book made an impact on your life, feel free to comment below and let me know. It would be awesome to hear from you! You might be feeling like I have not talked enough about the contents of this book. The reason is simply because I want you to experience this book for yourself. This book goes on the must read list for sure! :)


  1. i want to have this book but i don't know how because in national bookstore they don't have a stock of this book. who can help me to find this ? please.

  2. I really like Jason perry book that it really made me think about my life that i wish i can go back in time to move back home to Houston